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Cloud 9 Novelties Pro Sensual G-Spot Slim Rechargeable 7 Inches Vibrator Dual Motor Plum. Key words: G-Spot Vibrator, G Spot Massager, G Spot Sex Toy, G Spot massage, G Spot Flexible Vibrator, Small G Spot 7 Inches G Spot, Cloud 9 Novelties G Spot Slim 7 Inches Flex. G-Spot Slim Rechargeable 7 Inches Vibrator is a new, flexible G-Spot stimulator that has a motor located in either end of the shaft. The newly enhanced G-Spot Slim vibrator easily flexes to fit the contours of your body. The G-Spot Slim fits comfortably in the hand and is perfect for both solo and partner use. Sleekly designed, the G-Spot Slim with Dual Motors is small enough for insertion, but powerful enough for external stimulation. The G-Spot Slim Rechargeable 7 Inches Dual Motor Vibrator features 2 motors - one on each end of the vibrator - with each motor featuring 8 powerful functions, and comes with a standard USB charging cord and a bonus storage pouch. The new Cloud 9 Novelties Health and Wellness G Spot Slim Rechargeable 7 Inches Vibrator features two 8 vibration pattern motors that will allow you to achieve the best orgasm. The super flexible G-Spot vibrator is made of body safe, phthalate free material and is ergonomically contoured at one end to perfectly target the G-Spot. Each end of the G-Spot Slim Rechargeable 7 Inches Vibrator contains its own motor, allowing you to customize your pleasure. The controls are located on the shaft just under the bulbous head, and take the form of an arrow. The dual motors are individually controlled by each arrow. Use the more rounded, bulbous end for G-Spot stimulation, or the more narrow, straighter end for more pinpoint external and/or internal stimulation. Features: ergonomically shaped 7 inches shaft. Super flexible silicone. Dual motors. 8 vibration functions for each motor. Body safe, phthalate free, Premium Grade Silicone. Rechargeable battery. Includes storage pouch and charging cable. Free HD streaming movie offer at www.aivid.com/c9free. How to use: on/off: to turn on the vibrator, press and hold the either arrow for 3 seconds. Each motor can operate individually or can be used together. Press each arrow to cycle through each vibration pattern. To turn the vibrator off, press and hold the arrows for 3 seconds. Vibration patterns: the G-Spot Slim Rechargeable 7 Inches Vibrator With Dual Motors features motors that have 8 vibration patterns each. Press either or both arrow buttons to cycle through the different patterns. Battery charging the G-Spot Slim for a full 2 hours before use. While charging, the arrows will blink red. When fully charged, the lights will glow steady. Cleaning procedure for the G Spot Slim Vibrator: 7 Inches With Dual Motors should be cleaned before and after each use. Use Cloud 9 Novelties Toy Cleaner. Ensure the device is switched off. Lightly spray a high quality, silicone friendly toy cleaner on the device after use. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess liquid. Store your device in a cool and dry place after cleaning. Warning: to avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas or on broken skin. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product. Do not submerge completely in any liquids. 90 days limited warranty. 2020 Video.

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